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E’ stata rilasciata ufficialmente la nuova RC1.1 che differisce dalla precedenza versione per:
– nuova licenza MIT Open Source, meno restrittiva della precedente
– migliori prestazioni
– nuovi componenti
– nuovi manuali
– nuovi esempio d’uso
– retrocompatibile con le versioni precedenti

Un esempio di un applicazione sviluppata con ExtJS. Un calendario per la gestione degli eventi.



La diffusione del Preprocessore di Html hasuperato Python e C#;
se ne sono accorti anche a Redmond
IBM é sempre un passo avanti.

tutto questo mi piace

Parole sante del Dio del Web, Tim Lee


The first phase of the Web is human communication though shared knowledge.

The first goal was to work together better.

Hypertext was suitable for a global information system because it has this same flexibility: the power to represent any structure of the real world or a created imagined one.


So the Net and the Web may both be shaped as something mathematicians call a Graph, but they are at different levels. The Net links computers, the Web links documents.


“Well, the Semantic Web has been in the news a bit recently.”

“One thing to always remember is that the Web of the future will have BOTH documents and data”

“The benefit of the Semantic Web is that data may be re-used in ways unexpected by the original publisher.”

“Then, when I book a flight it is the flight that interests me. Not the flight page on the travel site, or the flight page on the airline site, but the URI (issued by the airlines) of the flight itself. That’s what I will bookmark…..I’ll be thinking in the graph. My flights. My friends. Things in my life. My breakfast…..”

tmbl blog

Esistono dei tool che si occupano di esportare li siginificato del siginificato (semantica) dei dati

Cronaca: Oggi ho cambiato il titolo del blog, l’ho trovato qui Axioms

un estratto preso da (….Founded in August 2003, was created to be a stepping stone to the budding webmaster and a handy reference to the veteran developer….)


Compared to ASP, PHP is very easy to pick up and learn a little at a time.

However, businesses do not readily embrace PHP for many reasons. A great deal of companies are running operating systems such as Windows Server 2003 or one of the Window NTs, which have been optimized to run Microsoft’s proprietary language ASP.


As far as programming languages go, ASP is definitely not as straightforward as PHP. The language has a “plethora”(ndr. An excess of blood in the circulatory system or in one organ or area) of confusing programming patterns that will take a while to learn. Besides that difficulty, there is also much less free information on the internet

ASP and ASP.NET are widely used in the business world


Are you looking for a job and have time and resources to learn a rather difficult technology? Learn ASP. Want to program in your spare time, as more of a hobby than a career? PHP will treat you just fine