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Alcune delle nuove funzionalità disponibili con la bash versione 4:

w. There is a new shell option: `globstar’. When enabled, the globbing code
treats `**’ specially — it matches all directories (and files within
them, when appropriate) recursively.

cc. There is a new &>> redirection operator, which appends the standard output
and standard error to the named file.

dd. The parser now understands `|&’ as a synonym for `2>&1 |’, which redirects
the standard error for a command through a pipe.

ee. The new `;&’ case statement action list terminator causes execution to
continue with the action associated with the next pattern in the
statement rather than terminating the command.

ff. The new `;;&’ case statement action list terminator causes the shell to
test the next set of patterns after completing execution of the current
action, rather than terminating the command.

il manuale di riferimento
l’elenco completo delle novità


La nuova release di Mono contiene un compilatore Visual Basic 8.0.
Dal sito:

“The new Mono Visual Basic compiler allows developers to continue to code in their preferred Visual Basic/Visual Studio environment and compile and run that same code base on a variety of operating systems and architectures, including Windows, Linux, and Mac OS”

“the Mono Project has developed a program, written in Visual Basic itself, that can translate Visual Basic language into computer language that will allow the application to be executable across across multiple platforms, including Linux”

“here are a huge number of developers worldwide who write using Visual Basic and this VB compiler makes it possible for those developers to write applications that run on Linux without needing any specific Linux expertise”