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This article elaborates on the usage of AngularJS and this in combination with AEM (Adobe Experience Manager). For this example, AEM version 6 has been used.

 From a functional point of view, the (rather basic) software component will allow to enter a JCR path and, by using AngularJS,  all the corresponding nodes will be automatically retrieved an displayed.

The UI form, being the main actor in our solution, would look the following.  It’s obvious the lay-out could be improved quite a bit but this is not really the focus of this tutorial.

AEM Angular UI

From a technical point of view, we’ll be using AngularJS (as mentioned before), jQuery and the DataTables jQuery plugin.


We first start with the HTML (view) and you’ll notice we did an effort to exclude all the business logic and to stick to the basic HTML.


As you can figure out from the…

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