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Compared to ASP, PHP is very easy to pick up and learn a little at a time.

However, businesses do not readily embrace PHP for many reasons. A great deal of companies are running operating systems such as Windows Server 2003 or one of the Window NTs, which have been optimized to run Microsoft’s proprietary language ASP.


As far as programming languages go, ASP is definitely not as straightforward as PHP. The language has a “plethora”(ndr. An excess of blood in the circulatory system or in one organ or area) of confusing programming patterns that will take a while to learn. Besides that difficulty, there is also much less free information on the internet

ASP and ASP.NET are widely used in the business world


Are you looking for a job and have time and resources to learn a rather difficult technology? Learn ASP. Want to program in your spare time, as more of a hobby than a career? PHP will treat you just fine



  1. I agree that ASP (most certainly .NET) are company standards these days, BUT the great thing about AMP (Apache, MySQL, and PHP), that I have encountered thus far, is that it’ll run on “Windows Server 2003 or one of the Window NTs”.

    I use PHP in a corporate NT environment for our portion of the Intranet. Very successful, IIS is off or pointing to port 8080 (legacy apps) and Apache does the rest (meaning port 80 and 443), with MySQL as my back end.

    I have also been very successful in connecting the “old legacy” VBScript / Microsoft Access apps to the MySQL database as well. I try to make the most of any assigned database changes, there is a little data normalization required, but in most cases I have been switching the ASP db calls over to MySQL as well (the MySQL ODBC driver does the trick).

    Don’t give up so easy, AMP is free and very well supported,…

    Happy page building,…

  2. I think that ASP is done from Microsoft for Microsoft’People and I hope one day will dead with Microsoft. C#.NET maybe is little better thanks to Mono project.

    PHP born as Personal Home Page and became PHP HTML Preprocessor. Before more than 10 years it’s very powerful, multiplatfomr, lowcost and it’s one of the most popular language with C, Java and Visual Basic (

    I think that it’s power and simplicity is inherited from C and it’s the natural C evolution for the Web.
    It also true that any language that gives you enough power to be useful, also gives you enough power to be destructive

    Twitter for example is written in PHP (
    I’m not sure but Flickr also….

    I’m learning J2EE platform…I like it but in my opinion and for now PHP could do the same operation with the half of code line…

    …sorry for my Inglish 😀

  3. Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Decamp


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